Sherif Shendidy - Software Engineer

Text Guard Lite


This program helps you convert any text you want to send to others with complete confidentiality into a sophisticated numeric code that can only be translated back to text using Text Guard lite with the same MINOR version number.

There may be updates for this program, but as long as the Minor version is the same on both source and target computers, the program will still be able to work.


The version number is divided into 4 sections, A.B.C.D, where B is the MINOR number you should be looking for on both computers (Originator of the code and the receiver) to make sure your coded message can be translated. Note however that the free version's MINOR number will always be 0, but you can still protect your code by a password.

Starting from version, you can send an email from within the program to whomever you want to, and a copy of the message will be sent to your email address as well. Just make sure you enter valid email addresses in the (From & To) fields, and you’re good to go.

How to:

Original Text TAB

In this area, you can type your message, open a text file saved somewhere on your computer, or save a message you received and de-ciphered. Messages saved from this TAB will be saved with (.tgm) extension, but you can open it with any text readers, such as Notepad.

When typing your own message, you have the option to protect your coded message with a password of your choice between 6 and 12 characters (don't forget to provide the receiver with the password).

The duration to cipher your message depends on the length of your message and the strength of coding you choose. Sometimes it can cause the program to freeze for a while, this is normal and it will continue to work in the background until ciphering is completed then it will move to the "CIPHERED TEXT" TAB.

Ciphered Text TAB

Once Text Guard completes the ciphering process you'll be moved to the "CIPHERED TEXT" TAB. Now you can either copy the code or save a file containing the code, then send it to anyone you want. Again, codes saved from this TAB will be saved with (.tgc) extension, but you can open it with any text readers.

If you received a code or a (.tgc) file that you want to de-Cipher, you can open it from this TAB, type in the password (if protected by one), then click the De-CIPHER button. You'll be taken immediately to the "ORIGINAL TEXT" TAB where you can read the original message.

From this Tab, you can also send an email to anyone attaching the code you just generated along with any message you want to send them, maybe the password to open the file.

Email Form

The sent message will be delivered to your email address too so you can have a confirmation that the email was successfully sent out to the addresses you provided. It will also provide the recipient with a link to this site in order to download Text Guard lite and decipher your code.


Text Guard lite is free software and is designed to be used only with the English, Latin characters and some common signs (225 of the 256 characters of the Extended ASCII). Check the "ASCII" TAB to find out more. However, I'll be soon issuing an updated version of the program that covers almost all languages.

I guarantee no privacy since anyone with this version of Text Guard lite can still successfully guess your password and decipher your coded text. However, I'm working on another non-free version "Text Guard pro" that provides much stronger coding matrix for your text.

The non-free version once ready will be sold on a one-to-one basis, where each buyer will hold a unique version (the MINOR number explained above) of the program that only he/she can distribute to others. Even other buyers will not be able to decipher your codes regardless of password protection as each sold copy will have a different unique coding matrix.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or interested in the non-free version.


Sherif Shendidy